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Welcome to True Nature!

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We lovingly create and hold safe and trusting containers for profound personal transformation to unfold. Rooted in sacred medicines, ceremonial practices, breath work, movement, ancient wisdom, and intuitive guidance, our offerings encompass a holistic and non-dual approach to inner transformation.

At True Nature, we understand that each participant's path is unique. We guide you through a comprehensive process of preparation, initiation, and integration, fostering a commitment to creating fertile and nourishing set and settings for profound expansion, awareness, and integration.  Our mission is to accompany and guide you inward, helping you attune to the rhythm and resonance of your own heart and life path.


"We are all just walking each other h-ohm" - Ram Das

To learn more about True Nature, our mission and collective values click the link below.



One size does not fit all.  We work to meet participants where they are at, working on a case by case basis we lean in to hear the needs of an individual and together, seek to find the space, medicine and approach that aligns for that person.  

Latest News: We are happy to announce that the beloved in-person practice of Cannabis Meditation will now be offered online each and every week.  We are thrilled to connect with you from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world.  We are now calling the practice Breathe your True Nature to align with a future vision of where we would like to take this work. 

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Individual Exploration

Fully tailored personal day and multi-day immersions for those looking for therapeutic and pyscho-spiritual growth and development. 


Group Discovery

Profound time for groups or families who are looking to connect more deeply, integrate, expand and heal together in a holistic, inclusive and natural environment.

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Retreat Immersion

Small and large style retreat formats designed with intention and care utilizing the power of community and group activity to promote integration and expansion for all participants

Contact us for all inquiries or book a free 30 minute discovery call to learn more about our medicine, offerings and programs.

First Hand Experience


I came into trying this modality (Cannabis Meditation) with some skepticism thinking there was really no way that breath work and flower would be able to compare to the amazing experiences that I had enjoyed with both forest and jungle medicines. Boy was I wrong. The experiences with Mar and Shane were profound. Deep and beautiful and easily on level with any other modality that I have tried. The difference is that you are in more control of how deep you wish to go as the breath work can progressively take you deeper and deeper as you choose.  The power of flower, the breath work and the beautiful guidance by Mar and Shane is such a gift. 


I recently had the pleasure of working with Shane and Mar, and my experience was nothing short of amazing. Their expertise and knowledge of plant-based medicine is impressive, and they were able to provide me with invaluable guidance and support throughout my journey. They have a deep understanding of the healing properties of plants, and their recommendations were tailored specifically to my individual needs. Their caring and compassionate approach created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making me feel comfortable and at ease during our sessions. They truly went above and beyond to ensure that I received the best possible care. I highly recommend Marianna and Shane to anyone seeking guidance and support in the field of plant-based medicine. They are a talented and dedicated team, and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them.


While traveling in Mexico recently, I attended a flower meditation ceremony with Shane and Mar. It was so transformative that I immediately asked them for a private session and then proceeded to attend a total of four sessions in the following ten days. My biggest regret upon returning home was that I wouldn’t be able to attend even more sessions. I fully intend to go back as soon as possible so I can spend more time with them. The combination of low-dose cannabis, when combined with guided breath work, their words of wisdom,  and their healing touch, brings about a state of bliss that can only be described as sublime. The breath work amplifies the cannabis to such an extent that a single puff is sufficient for most people. I cried several times during each session and received multiple insights about issues I’ve been grappling with. Additionally, I suffer from severe pain in my shoulders, lower back, hip, and ankle, brought on by a combination of sports injuries sustained through decades of long distance running and cycling. Cannabis is well-known as a muscle relaxant but what I experienced during these ceremonies was much more fundamental. At the end of each session, my joints and muscles were so relaxed that I could turn my hips and shoulders in 360 degree circles, something I couldn’t even dream of doing only a couple of hours earlier. Last but not least, I’m convinced that Shane and Mar are either angels or are channeling saints. Shane is a gentle philosopher of life and Mar is one of the most loving and tender human beings I’ve ever met. The words they utter during the ceremonies heal the soul. They also take turns attending to the participants with loving touch that helps release tension. What I experienced in these sessions was not just a one-time release, though. The breathing methods and associated pain management tools I learned allow me to do the same on a daily basis, with or without cannabis.  For the first time in my life, I’m able to control the pain in my body - without anyone’s help and using only my own breath. Breathe. Feel. Surrender. No words can describe the gratitude I feel towards Mar and Shane. They’ve truly changed my life for the better and I’m forever indebted to them.  Run, don’t walk, to experience their serene presence and their healing touch in person. You can thank me later.


The entire True Nature team is so loving, wise and grounded. With each of them embodying different gifts and capacities, together they create a truly holistic space for healing and well being to take place. Thank you Mar, Shane, Ashleigh and Aura for your depth and love, through our work together I have touched parts of myself that were hidden to me.   With love, Nura


I can’t say enough about my time with Shane and Mar. They spent time to truly understand what I needed to heal and how to help me start that journey. Their compassion and empathy for me over the course of the week I stayed with them knew no bounds. And I left with tools to help keep the path, along with their numbers for check-in calls.  I’d be remiss not to add that their place in the jungle is an absolute treasure. Quiet and serene. Their vegan meals were outstanding and being surrounded by their pets and family made me feel completely comfortable and at home.  I can’t wait to go back.

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