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Our Growing Collective 

Mar Berdejo



Mar is the co-founder of True Nature, where she puts into practice everything that she has learned along her own journey of transforming pain, sorrow and anger into Love. She truly believes that only LOVE can heal and that only openness and safety can bring back the innocence of each being. Her own search for safety and love guided her through different kinds of healing modalities and ways to learn, understand and expand consciousness.


Mar dreamed of True Nature as the nest that holds a collective to support individuals and groups to reconnect with that pure Love that is part of each one of us and is expressed as Joy. Embodying that joy is the the birth right of every being. One of Mar's life purposes is to support the discovery of that unique expression of every soul, accompanying  it and loving it in every step on the way. She believes in a world with humans with an open heart, who embrace vulnerability and accountability.

She was born in Mexico city and at a young age she began a journey of learning about herself and the world as a way of understanding her experience. Since childhood, Mar has seen the world in a unique way and the pain of not belonging is what made her begin her journey back to feeling, understanding and embodying her True Nature.


Mar is a dreamer, a visionary and an intuitive who is passionate about supporting others in reaching their full potential.  She has been working with human behaviour, grief and energetics for about 12 years studying and creating frameworks that can support other peoples process. One of her super powers is to see and feel the full potential of others and to create experiences and containers where they can feel safe, seen and validated to explore their inner landscapes. She holds, accompanies, empowers and honors every part of the journey which is as unique as everyone is.


Mar believes that Plants and Nature can help us remember who we are and that in community we can heal, co-regulate and release trauma that has been inherited through generations. She believes generational pain stops with us and her intention is to support that shift. As she learns how to move from fear to Love, she also offers her experience and Presence to others with the same intention while understanding and honouring that every path and journey is different.


Mar is a skilled holder of spaces where all kind of transformations happen - life, death and everything in between. Her Presence brings great depth and truth to all of the experiences she creates and often humans that have the gift of being held by her leave with a newfound sense of honesty, purpose and love for life and themselves.

Shane Kennedy


A personal path of mental health issues, trauma and subsequent addiction led Shane to seek alternative solutions and answers to his struggles.  This search led to a life changing metamorphosis with Ibogaine.  Through his own recovery and inner discovery process, Shane was stripped down and reborn into a new life and personal path.  His inner transformation inspired him to dedicate his life to one of service, to share and accompany others along an alternative path of healing and personal development and to seek love and balance in all aspects of life.​

Shane is a multidisciplinary integrationist who accompanies individuals along their path, gently guiding others back into themselves and their own unique essence.  He believes that everyone has their own inherent gifts, medicine and abilities to offer the world. He is dedicated to empower others to find their own path that is supportive, lasting and sustainable.

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A medicine carrier, breathwork facilitator and ceremonialist, Shane is a student of natural medicines, psychology, astrology, eastern and western philosophy, mysticism, nutrition and personal development.  Shane's approach to working with sacred plants and medicines comes from a deep respect and reverence for what these sacrements have done for his own life and so many others around him.  With a deep care for medicine, for others and life itself, Shane's gentle yet direct approach and accompaniment encourages safety, trust and radical acceptance.  He is trained in Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry method and experienced in non-violent communication, internal family systems (IFS) and other personal/transpersonal pyschological languages and modalities.  


Speaking from a life of personal experience and his ability to relate to others in their most trying and vulnerable times creates a connection that breathes commonality and equality into every space.  With an aim at bringing the divine masculine and feminine together in harmony, he brings a non-dual balance and approach to his work.  Through his presence Shane provides an unconditional and loving space for the full expression of Being to be witnessed and embraced with total acceptance and care.


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Rediscovery Doula

After being called to Ibogaine to help with healing from childhood trauma and substance abuse, Ash knew that her calling was helping others to do what seemed to be/some might consider the almost impossible task of healing/feeling complete.

Ash graduated with a degree in psychology, but something seemed missing in the healing modalities of the western world. She realized that pathologizing trauma responses, and the unhealthy coping mechanisms that result from them, doesn’t allow room for true transformation.


Since her experience with Ibogaine, Ash has dedicated herself to understanding and creating a trauma informed, holistic approach to trauma and substance abuse recovery. Recovery dharma and the 8-fold path, the teachings of Dr. Gabor Maté, and Ram Dass are just a few influences that help Ash in the process of assisting others through the integration of these mystical plant medicine experiences into a meaningful toolkit for achieving a healthy loving relationship with the Self and life.

At True Nature, Ash's role as a re-discovery doula is to support and accompany the process, offering preparation tools, guidance, and support. She is a fundamental part of the Aftercare Program as a caregiver and advocate for each person who is with us, with a therapeutic and loving approach creating containers of acceptance, openness and resonance.

Isaura - (Aura)

Multidisciplinary Coach

Isaura is a multidisciplinary artist with a degree in Industrial Design, she is currently receiving her certification as a transpersonal psychology coach and primal dance facilitator by the Integral Transpersonal Psychology School EPTI. 


Dance is her way of getting back to her True Nature and how she connects with the great mystery we are all part of.  She has been exploring her inner landscapes and expanded states of consciousness for the last few years.  She has found healing and love in community, ancestral ceremonies, earth medicines, woman circles, singing and dancing.

Aura believes that an integral approach to self and personal development is the way we can make lasting changes in our life experiences.  Her process of integrating mind, energetic body, soul and spirit, she has experienced transpersonal psychology and specifically primal dance as an unique way to do this.  She guides others by helping to express emotions, release energetic blockages, and connect with our primordial self finding our TRUE  NATURE through movement, dance and expression.

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She shares her passion and medicine with others with gentle compassionate love.  Aura works with the medicine of Cacao, that is a heart opening plant, native to Mexico. The synergy of Cacao and movement brings warmth and openness to the containers that Aura creates, allowing participants to get out of their mind and in to their bodies.


She loves to work in groups and you can always count on her for an open, understanding and loving smile and point of view.  

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