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Flower Meditation

What is Flower Meditation?

Flower Meditation is a dynamic and expansive practice of working with Cannabis in an intentional and ceremonial context.  The intention of the practice is for participants to go within, utilizing the expanded awareness Cannabis offers while harnessing the power of the breath as a guide for deep inner navigation. Accompanied with music and meditative guidance an unconditionally loving space is created for participants are able to connect and find safety to feel what may have been previously unaccessible or just out of reach.  The combination of breathing, plant medicine, loving presence and guidance is a nurturing container for those looking to know themselves more deeply, finding the safety and support to fully process and release memory, trauma and pain from the body.  As the past is honoured and fully felt we can more readily enter this present moment where Love, Joy and Peace live.

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Why Cannabis Meditation

  • I am looking for a supportive ongoing practice which is accessible and affordable 

  • I would like to know myself on a deeper level and explore that which lives within my body and nervous system

  • I want to reframe and redefine my relationship with Cannabis to something which feels healthy and aligned.

  • I have a need to connect in community with others who are on the path of self discovery.

  • I would like more relaxation and calmness in my body and nervous system.

  • I seek a practice which I can do from the comfort of my own home.

  • I am ready to create a healthier relationship with my mind, emotions and body.

  • I could use some extra support and guidance as I navigate my unique journey of awakening.

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