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Our North is Unconditional Love
Our West is Consciousness
Our South is Radical Acceptance
Our East Will Power
Rooted in love, respect and reverence for Earth
Connected to the sky and the cosmos
Connecting with the whole through the fire of one heart.

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True Nature was founded on a pioneering vision in the Jungle of Nayarit, Mexico by two ever evolving beings named Shane and Mar.  Their vision has come from a collective need for a container of service that represented alignment, progressive values and a new approach to healing and integration while also honouring timeless wisdom, culture and tradition. 

The essence of the service Shane, Mar and the growing Collective represent is rooted in love and compassion.  True Nature is to be a place for those on the path to connect, expand, integrate and share with others as we all learn how to embody our highest self and potential.  


Together Shane and Mar represent the masculine and feminine in a way that makes others feel seen, safe and held. Through this partnership of energy a unique flow and mutual understanding of what it means to serve, hold space and accompany individuals through their own process is brought forth for all those they work with. This beautiful dance of the polarities helps hold balance, accountability and provides an added sense of security for those with sensitivities related to  individuals needs. 


Our mission is to continue cultivating our relationship to Self, to the earth and ways of being of the world that are sustainable and aligned so that infinite generations can know diversity, abundance and harmony with themselves and our planet.


We seek to Empower, Educate, Accept, Love, Accompany and Cherish All Beings.  We are invested in creating an ever expanding community of consciously connected beings.


We believe that coming back to our True Nature is the Key to a world of harmony and peace. Our mission is to be responsible stewards of medicine, practices, well being and life itself.  We gently point people inward to discover truth for themselves through direct experience.

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Collective Values

True Nature anchors its service, offerings, visionaries, decision making and ways of being of the world with a sense of determination, vision and felt resonance or alignment.  We accomplish this by staying true to who we are and what we represent through our core values, in saying this- we also acknowledge a space for continuous growth and evolution, committing to growth with a promise to continue striving for excellence in all that we do.


Collective Integrity - a state of commitment to Ones Self; in terms of morality, impeccability, excellence, truth and respect. 

At True Nature we are committed to provide care and service to ourselves and others with the utmost respect for the words we speak, the actions we take and our immediate and everlasting impact around us.  We are here to show up- guided by our ever-opening hearts, instructed by a strong moral and ethical compass, and rooted in Love.


Universal Connection - Connection is an fundamental ingredient in True Nature's collective offering.  Connection initially starts from within, that connection with ourselves, our heart, body and spirit.  This internal connection emanates out from our core and forms an interconnected web which includes all things.  We welcome and offer authentic connection to all those who choose to join the True Nature family.  We speak and share from a position of personal experience, relating to others on a level that is from the heart, with compassion and full acceptance.  We  nod our heads with the mantra “I hear you, I see you and I feel you”. This radical acceptance, inclusion, equality and understanding forms the back bone for safety and trust to be created and we believe is the fertile grounds for a profound and lasting rediscovery of the Self to take place. 


Sovereign Empowerment - Our service to the world is one of sovereign empowerment. 

We are here to serve those ready to take radical ownership of their process and path in life.  Sovereign empowerment means that each of us is responsible for the quality of our own lives, that we have agency to make our own choices and take the path that feels right for us.  True Nature is here to accompany, support, suggest, nurture and love all beings as we walk hand in hand, side by side, realizing our own unique magick, medicine, gifts and direction.  We can’t do the work for you, but together we can be a catalyst and nourishing environment for you to find yourself and your own True Nature.  We believe in a path of rediscovery versus a path of recovery. We understand that within each of us has always been the keys to our own personal hero’s journey. Consider True Nature as the fertile soil for your own seed to be planted, rooted, grown and bloom.

Life Supporting - True Nature is guided by a life supporting core value. 

This means that all that we do and the decisions we make are life supporting and encourage life on all levels.  This includes the life of the planet, Earth resources , our fellow brothers and sisters, the animals and all beings that we share life with.  We are here to care for, respect, preserve and encourage life so that generations upon generations can understand interdependence and witness the same abundant and diverse life that we are experiencing now.  Human beings as a species are in desperate need to continue to grow their consciousness and become more aware of our environmental impact.  We understand that we are all connected and that we are not separate from this planet or any living being around us, when we learn how to love ourselves we are able to love outwardly in deeper and in more profound  ways.


Radical Service -  We dedicate our lives to service. 

Radical service at True Nature means that we are fully committed to our own evolution, our client's journey, our families well being, to support our community and the world around us.  Through radical service we provide a space for those in need of nurturing and care to be honoured  and held.  Through this active process of witnessing, accepting and caring we hope to encourage others to pay that energy forward as we all walk together, finding peace and harmony for all on Earth.  Our commitment is to connect and serve from our heart of hearts. 

"May our service be our message, and may that message support All life."  - True Nature Collective.  

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Find us

We are located in San Francisco (San Pancho), Nayarit, Mexico.  San Pancho is a magical beach town that is surrounded by lush jungle and the wisdom of the ocean.  Come and experience the unique energy of this special place while embarking on a journey of holistic healing and self-discovery.

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