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Ibogaine Aftercare

What is Aftercare? Aftercare is a space of integration for body, mind and spirit.  A safe place to rest, recuperate, learn, experience and continue to heal after an  Ibogaine treatment. We support people who have experienced Iboga or Ibogaine for a myriad of reasons including, but not limited to: addiction to substances, self harm, behavioral addictions, eating disorders, traumatic events  and more.   This is the space between an existence that has become harmful and unsupportive and a new path and doorway into a more aligned state of Being, relationship with yourself and the world.   Aftercare is a sacred and integral part of the evolution process after an ibogaine treatment. Aftercare helps solidify new neural pathways and gives needed time to the body, mind and spirit to integrate helpful routines, thought patterns and healthy ways of relating with the world.  This time and support helps create a new, more sustainable relationship with the Self and all of our  relationships.   During the aftercare experience the participant is held in love, compassion and accountability as new patterns, beliefs, practices and connection with oneself are developed and nurtured.  Aftercare is the time and space needed for lasting change to integrate into our system while continuing the work of awakening One's True Nature.

"Not why the addiction, but why the pain."  - Gabor Mate

The road of addiction and trauma recovery, can be a long and arduous path for most people.  The respective preparation prior, support of the Sacred Plant of Iboga followed by proper and spacious integration are the main components in what truly is a profound rite of passage in one’s life.  Our goal at True Nature is to give an individual the space, tools, support, love and care needed to promote the highest level of success in fully recovering from an addiction or disorder.  A common occurrence after an individual has undergone the potentially profound transformation of an Ibogaine treatment  is that they return home right after the treatment and it is incredibly easy to fall into past routines and habits.  We have seen and truly believe that time and space are crucial post ibogaine to allow the medicine to work and allow the individual to find themselves outside of their family dynamic, peer group and daily stresses.  The ibogaine process is one of cleaning, clearing, de-conditioning and rewiring the nervous system and neural networks, therefore it is ideal to give the nervous system time and space to learn healthier habits, fresh patterns and safety to allow a new way of Being in the world.

Imagine that the brain is comprised of many paths and roads within it.  We have the tendency to take these well worn roads, running on autopilot and habit within our daily routines.  Our drive to work, conversations with our partner, families, schedules, etc can become habitual and our actions can become unconscious and not serving our highest good.  This is also true for unhelpful behavior patterns of any kind. Our lives are filled with memories, patterns and triggers, so  when held in safety- these triggers can become our greatest clues to creating a healthier life. When we are in the early stage of our recovery after ibogaine we are, in a sense, more open and receptive to the world around us.  Aftercare gives us a safe space in which we can experiment and interact with others and life while developing our new perspective and healthy practices.   Aftercare is a method to remove temptation,  and toxic environments for a time to create the bandwidth and resiliency needed to face life head on.  Not only does aftercare remove some of the major obstacles and create safety for a time of integration, but it is also an active practice to continue learning and expanding, to unlearn old habits, to be held accountable, and live in integrity. The goal is to continue working with additional sacred medicines, modalities and practices long after then program is finished. Ideally, the tools learned in aftercare become a lifelong practice.  it would be naive to expect years, even decades of unhelpful behavioral patterns to be removed and healed within a week or two, this is an ongoing process and everything takes a certain level of humbleness, grace, intention and openness to unwind and unravel and integrate back into wholeness.

Why is Aftercare worth considering? 


“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our individualized program at True Nature consists of several  main ingredients. Aftercare at True Nature is a fully embodied and integrated experience, where a participant has the unique opportunity to be part of a working family dynamic while taking the time needed to rest and recuperate after Ibogaine.  This program is designed to work on a multitude of planes in a human life; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and also the on the practical side.  Our goal at True Nature is to empower individuals to take control back of their own lives, to choose the path that is suited for them, and to become confident to live their most authentic life.  Our diverse knowledge base allows each participant the opportunity to explore a variety of paths, modalities, practices and philosophies.   A part of our philosophy is that we believe in a major shift in the approach to addiction and trauma recovery compared to more traditional western models. Our work aligns with the work of Gabor Mate where he questions "not why the addiction, but why the pain”.

Together in community, a space is created to explore the deeper correlation between trauma, belief systems, pain and the addiction itself.  If we look at substance abuse and addiction as a symptom, we create space to delve into the root causes that can keep an individual looking for pain relief, confidence or an escape that drug use or other unhealthy copping mechanisms can curb… -if only for a moment at a time.

Our program centres around fundamental elements which include; immersion in nature, breathe, movement, entheogen medicine, connection, nutrition, relating, responsibility (the ability to respond instead of react) and integrity.   Each participant that chooses to work with us is treated as a unique being  and a custom, personalized program is built around one’s interests, capabilities, willingness and motivation.  We offer a variety of nature's medicine based offerings, breath and meditation practices, movement and yoga, sound-voice exploration, music and art, therapy and workshop and group settings.  Our program also includes adjunct therapies outside of our personal offerings from practitioners in the town of San Pancho ranging from Massage, Body Work, Energy Practices, Somatic Therapies, Acupuncture, etc.  

Additional treatments available upon request and need.  We offer individualized around the clock care during the duration of the program. 

What is True Nature Aftercare all about?

True Nature is partnered with a breathtaking eco-retreat centre in the lush jungle of Nayarit, Mexico called Haliksai.  Haliksai which in Hopi Indian translates to 'Once upon a time'  is a safe and secure nature based setting which is an ideal location for integration and expansion, with an emphasis on cherishing every sentient being, including plants and animals  The retreat centre offers a unique living experience, communal and ceremony spaces which all lend themselves to the aftercare process.  When staying at Haliksai, a participant has their own private bungalow space, washroom, shower and necessary amenities.  Meals are prepared and shared in the communal kitchen and seating area, we encourage participants when they feel ready to offer a favourite meal or help with the preparation and cleanup of meals. During the day, the views of birds, plants and flowers is nourishing and grounding for the body, mind and soul. In the evening, around a fire, one feels held in the tapestry of sounds emanating from the jungle environment.

  A few weeks away from a busy city or town environment is the integral step needed for an actualized recovery process after Ibogaine, this gives the nervous system grounding and space away. Being held by nature, her sounds and beauty are a constant reminder of our intrinsic connection to life itself.

For more information about Haliksai please visit: or  instagram @haliksai.

Other accommodations are available according to the specific needs of an individual, book a discovery call today to find out more and how we can tailer a program that best suites your needs.

Where does this happen? 

It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.      - Joseph Campbell 


​ ​ ​What to expect during Aftercare? 

We are committed to provide as smooth a transition and as expansive and restorative an experience for everyone that we have the pleasure of working with.  Our team is deeply passionate about this process and about showing a different approach than most expect from a more traditional western clinical treatment type setting.  We are passionate about getting to know an individual and bringing that person into a deeper commune with their own True Nature. The individuals who have had the most success are the ones who have an openness to try new things and lean into new experiences, are motivated to really change their lives, to take ownership and re-frame their story, their path and where they are headed.  

We make recommendations and suggestions based on what has worked for ourselves and others in the past, but it is truly up to the participant to say yes and to continually show up for themselves.  Participants can expect at times to feel completely out of their element, and this can feel a bit uncomfortable. We are here to be a pillar of support and stability every step of the way.   This is a process of re-birth and sometimes that can be challenging, there can be tears, big emotions that sometimes feel overwhelming. Or mission is to hold these feelings with support and with the outmost compassion.  

A strong value we hold is that of consent, we may make suggestions and ask for participation, but it is always the right of the participant to say yes or no, we are committed to meeting the participant where they are in their process.  By this we mean that it is common that after treatment some deep rest and care is needed, especially for those first days.  At our program, the time and space to rest and recuperate is honored and sacred, so the physical energy can slowly start to pick up the pace and build momentum which will grow each day. Our team is prepared and experienced in caring for whatever needs may arise.  

As we are a community based project, one of the benefits is being around families, with kids, pets and lots of friends. In the core of our family are two kids, Azul (10) and Mateo (15), who are incredible beings filled with love, laughter and timeless wisdom.  Our kids have busy social lives and also do split time with their other parents soo they are not always present on site but expect them to be around and involved in meals and conversation.  This is an opportunity to explore the family dynamic and our relationship around these types of spaces.  Oftentimes as people recover they are rebuilding and re-connecting to family and friends and that is a process, a process which we are aware and engaged to explore and unpack. Participants can experience the difference in  country with different culture, language, socio economic structures, environment, animals, etc.   Our hope is that  those we work with are an active participant in their personal process.

Our promise, is to offer a safe, honest and caring environment with the intent for every individual who comes this way to feel seen, loved and accepted for who they are. 

In the program, we are active participants in every part of the journey, offering a continuous exploration of the inner nature of the Self with the support of different psychoactive and non-psychoactive medicines, workshops, activities and exercises, etc... in this way we are learning and growing together which fosters a sense of safety, trust and community.

Accountability, agreements and boundaries are a fundamental part of the program, as our goal is to live a life with integrity and compassion. We implement this in the program by creating a plan addressing agreements, goals and consistent check in's. As part of the continuous program, we offer support by helping to create plans for  housing situations, career changes, finding healthy and supportive communities in the area where the participant lives, support groups, ongoing personal support, etc.

 Participants can expect to leave with a deeper connection to Self, a new feeling of belonging, a different understanding of their emotions, triggers and patterns and tools to keep applying in their day to day life. 

Whether you are a potential participant or a concerned loved one, we understand you may have questions, we suggest reaching out to set up a discovery call to hear in more detail all that we offer, availability, pricing and to get to know each other.

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Personal Story

My name is Shane and my vision for my life's work has been greatly impacted by my own personal experiences.  I was once in a place of feeling lost and trapped in a harmful cycle of substance abuse.  I was looking for something that resonated and made sense to me for some years as I was not religious and did not resonate with traditional rehab and 12 step format style recovery programs.  One day at work I was listening to a podcast when I heard about a guest who was attending an Iboga ceremony and he mentioned that one of the fellow participants was there to detox from heroine.  I was instantly intrigued and had to learn more about a plant I had never heard about and its capability to reset the body and interrupt heroine addiction.  

A few months later I was in Vancouver receiving an Ibogaine detox treatment. I was determined to not be a slave to my opiate addiction any longer.  After two weeks of treatment I was on a flight back home to Ottawa, clean and sober for the first time in 12 years.  I was amazed at how my experience and way I viewed the world had rapidly changed from the time with the medicine.  I felt clear and fresh although still very weak and feeling as I was still very much under the influence and settling of the medicine in my body.

I had a team which consisted of the ibogaine facilitators as well as a counsellor who specialized in addiction and recovery with Ibogaine.  The facilitators and my counsellor both suggested that I take some time away before returning home, to take some time for myself to integrate and allow the medicine and my new ideas and beliefs to really have time to wire into my nervous system.  Against this advice I chose to return home immediately, I felt pretty good, I was clean, I was confident I wouldn't go down the same road.  It was not very long after I returned home that I realized that my team may have been right.  I was back home and surrounded by patterns, memories and situations which brought all of my stuff to the surface.  The only difference this time was that now I did not have drugs and alcohol to cope and I still didn't have the tools and practices to keep my life together.  After about a month of struggling at home, my counsellor suggested that I may try this off grid aftercare retreat in Mexico.  Four days later I was in Mexico, in Nature and surrounded by individuals who understood where I was at and what I was going through, because they too had walked a similar path.  

This opportunity to be immersed in nature, to be away from technology, to have time and space away from the stresses of work, family and relationships was what really made all the difference in my recovery.  I never realized that in my whole life I never had the opportunity to really know who I was underneath it all.  I had never felt soo held and supported by a community of people who really cared and were able to meet me at the level I was at.  Ibogaine is not a magick cure and it will NOT do it all for you, this experience and opportunity is a co-creation every step of the way and requires the ones who are ready to take their life back to really put that time and effort into themselves as it is an investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.  I am very passionate about the work we do at True Nature because each of the people on our team has walked a path of recovery and has really found heart and compassion below any pain that may have existed.

With Love,


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